Kantu not recognizing id's

I have a webpage that I am trying to automate for my workplace that has a drop-down box with a value that needs to be selected as well as a checkbox and date selected on the calendar.

the highlighted items don’t seem to work when I record

id=“instanceForm:statusMenu” is the status drop down box

id=“instanceForm:compHourBox” is completion time check box

id=“instanceForm:showCompletionTimeStopCalendar” is the calendar

The command can’t seem to find the IDs and the script times out. does anyone have any insight on this?

Can you post a link to the website?

If not, a few questions:

  • So all other fields work ok?
  • For the date control, can you fill in the text (date) directly, or does it require that you click on the calendar symbol?

Unfortunately i’m not able to share the website…

I haven’t tried any of the other fields since this website is really only used for one specific way for us.

you can fill out the date fields, but the stop date is always the next day so i would need to figure out how to change the date daily