[Kantu Browser Automation] Request for Help: Testing on an secured UAT environment


Was iMacro user and needed more advanced features for automating web browsers. Found Kantu after reveiwing several options.

QN1: Can advise it Kantu will worked in secured (SMS 2FA PIN) environment? A quick test using Kantu will always result in auto logging out of the current browser even in pages with minimal security restrictions. Just wonder if there are special settings options available in Kantu or maybe there are some restrictions I need to work with my IT dept guys (such as firewalls) to make Kantu work in such secured environment. (There is a time limit session key that requires renewal every 45 minutes)

QN2: We are using HPQC as our DMT and wonder if the test cases/suite developed in Kantu can be uploaded into HPQC with minimal (ideally none :P) effort. (That is, can it be structured into HPQC friendly format?)

Advise most appreciated.


Welcome to Kantu :slight_smile:

We are not aware of any problem with 2FA websites. Most of the web services that we use internally (Google Suites, AWS, Azure, MailChimp, Online Banking, Paypal,… ) are secured by 2FA and we see no problem logging in and automating them with Kantu. => Can you please describe in more detail what is going wrong or even send a short screencast?

If you do not want to post this info in a public forum, please contact us directly and just mention this post.

I am not sure what format(s) HPQC likes. Kantu uses a modern JSON format for its macros. Being JSON, it can be easily parsed and converted to other formats. But Kantu can also import and export macros in the classic HTML format of Selenium IDE. The advantage of the HTML format is that quite a few older existing web testing and website monitoring tools can import it (for example AppNeta recommends Kantu for creating tests.)

Hi currently I am waiting approval from my higher ups (playing safe)

P.S: Impressed with the VERY prompt response.
I think Kantu may be my go-to now with such support available :slight_smile: