Issue with UI Vision? Please read this before posting

Welcome to the community forum! If you open a new topic to report an issue or ask any question, everyone can respond much faster if your problem description includes the following information (if applicable, not all questions fit to all problems):

(1) Please use (or retest) with the latest version of UI Vision and Chrome and/or Firefox.

(2) Mention if the issue is it about web automation or desktop UI automation?

Web automation

(2a) If recording or replay fails on a specific website: Can you please post the URL of the web page and/or the macro that creates the problem? A link to the website will help us to test the problem quickly.

(2c) If this is a private website which we can not access: Have you seen a similar issue with a public website? If yes => See (2a)

(2c) If you can not find any public website to demo the problem, then please record a screencast of the issue. This usually helps us a lot and your question will get more and better answers.

Desktop Automation

(3a) What operating system are you using? (please also specify language)
Example: Windows 10, macOS Catalina or Ubuntu 19.04, English, German, Chinese, …

(3b) Often a screencast of the problem or at least some screenshots help a lot to clarify the question or issue. As you now, " A picture is worth a thousand words". :grinning:

Other trouble shooting info

(4) Do the included demo macros work ok? This test helps us to determine if the problem is a general issue or is somehow related to a specific website or configuration.

(5) If reporting a problem with the command line, please post the command line you are using.

(6) Please include any additional information that is relevant to reproducing the issue. This includes a detailed description of the steps you’ve tried as well as the specific error codes and messages, logs, screenshots, etc.

Additional tips when posting

(7) Please select the best matching category:

(8) And last but not least: :arrow_right: Use a good topic title. A good topic title is one that succinctly describes the problem or issue.