Issue with OCR Engine 5 using Pro API key

I’m using Pro api key for OCR from base64 image data to OCR Engine 5, Ocr Engine 5 server not working and returning this error,
{“OCRExitCode”:99,“IsErroredOnProcessing”:true,“ErrorMessage”:[“Value for parameter ‘language’ is invalid”],“ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds”:“15”}

I used api with language=“eng” and without language parameter but server returns above error every time. i used same request data with Free API with language parameter at that time it was working.

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Currently Engine5 is only available on one of the 3 PRO API endpoints, so you please use this endpoint.

Engine5 will be soon available on all PRO endpoints (this month!).

Meanwhile OCR Engine5 is available on all endpoints (USA, EU, Asia).

We also improved the Engine5 OCR speed, so now it is on par with Engine2. Please use whatever gives you the best OCR text recognition result.