Is there a way to click dynamic numbers?

The problem is there are not any tags I can really target here…

I need to focus on the a href and the numbers are different everytime! Can I click at that location or something?


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think this answers your question:

Thanks Ulrich – I think those work if I had any idea how to implement them – I don’t :frowning:

Is not a click at this x and y coordinate option - -this link is always at the exact same spot :slight_smile:

Ah, sure, good idea. If this link is always in the same place, then use XClick with coordinates:

XClick | 101, 222

Maybe also add the Resize at the top of your macro, so your browser window has always the same width and height (so that the link does not shift).

Thanks tried the resize 1920@1080 strange thing tough…

my window was already that size – that command makes my browser window jump to one section of the screen and makes it small… instead of that size… so when it is the size inputted into the command then it jumps and resizes to some odd size

I get this error when trying it :frowning:
[ error]

Error #301: RealUser Simulation XModule is not installed yet]

Can’t install the software because of our security rules. Is there a way to click at an area without installing the extra software?

Probably, but not so easy… it is difficult to say how it can be done with click without page access.