Is there a way to check if specific image is visible?

I’d like to run some macro loop until some specific image is visible in desktopautomation mode using OCR. I checked assertElementPresent page, I don’t know well about it but something tells me it’s not for desktop automation and doesn’t look for the image I select

  • To wait for an image you can use visualAssert

  • To wait for text (e. g. text on an image) you can use XClickText - the command uses OCR to wait for the text to appear

PS: Yes, assertElementPresent waits for a web page element (a HTML tag like <span>). So it can not be used here.


Thank you for the answer. That was very similar to what I was looking for. Do you know similar command that makes a macro run while only certain image is NOT visible? Have a good day

EDIT: VisualSearch was what I was looking for! I found it on your link thank you!