Incorrect Column Names

When in Kantu the column names for TARGET and VALUE are reversed. This true at the top of the column and also for the names of the data entry boxes for creating commands. From Kantu Table View:

Command | Target | Value | Ops
store | 10 | !TIMEOUT_WAIT
store | // slow !replayspeed
store | true | !statusOk
visualVerify | szwh6f_dpi_96.png

Command visualVerify [Info for this command]
Target szwh6f_dpi_96.png :eye:Select​:eye:Find

as shown above, the TARGET contains the variable’s value while the VALUE contains the destination variable name. This is backwards.

I agree. But this is the way that Selenium IDE does it :smiley:

We used Selenium IDE as “syntax role model”, since it is widely known and we did not want to reinvent the basics.