Improve canvas-related recording

We just started evaluating Kantu, overall we like it, but there are few easy improvements that would make it a lot more usable for people that work with canvas-related charts. Two of them are really straightforward and won’t break existing macroses:

  1. when a click is detected on canvas, record it as a clickAt with coordinates.
  2. if shift, ctrl or alt keys were pressed, record that information as well

A third feature request is a bigger one - would it be possible to provide support for canvas-based “drag-and-drop”, “zoom” and “select” operations? Essentially, you have to detect a situation where a user starts moving a mouse with the mouse key still pressed, and then releases the mouse at a new location. Replay the step by sending (mouseDown, mouseMove, mouseUp) commands.

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to using Kantu :slight_smile:


These are all good suggestions, thanks. Some quick comments:

  1. This is a nice idea. We will test if we can reliably detect clicks on a canvas. Meanwhile, as you probably know, you can switch between Click and ClickAt recording in the settings.

  2. (and 3!) Basic versions of these features will be available soon in Kantu :slight_smile:

Note that you can already simulate drag and drop, shift-click etc with the SeeShell Browser. SeeShell Browser, being essentially a “wrapper” around Google Chromium, gives us much more control over the keystroke and mouse simulation than we can do with Kantu, which lives inside the Chrome and Firefox browsers. So if you are using Windows OS, you should have a look at SeeShell Browser for canvas testing.