impossible to insert path to install xmodules in mac

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I would like to experience kantu. I can’t install xmodules because when I try to enter the folder path the input field doesn’t allow me to write. tested with firefox and chrome and I get the same result.
use mac os sierra 10.12
thank you

You have to download xmodules, then install xmodules, then fill folder path. It’s empty because you have not installed it yet. Not the other way around.

Thanks for your kind reply, I downloaded xmodules, inserted on the desktop and from the terminal I tried to leave the file:, but I get the permission denied error. with a friend’s windows works and recognizes it correctly on macos sierra I failed

Have typed “sh” in a terminal?

Thank you so much for the answer, but I can’t install xmodules, I made a video, so you can tell me where I’m wrong. thank you

This screencast was useful. It seems you in the wrong directory when you run sh You must be inside the unzipped XModule folder (in your screencast that is the /kantu folder). So first do a cd /kantu to get into this folder. Then do a ls to list all files in the directory. This way you can verify that you are in the right folder => you should see the file. Then run sh

Thanks a lot I’m working perfectly! :slight_smile: