If text is "0" then execute script... how?

I created a script that does the task I want to do without a problem.
What I now want to do is to check if a text says “0” and only then it should execute the script.
If its more than “0” then it should just skip / stop. I already have the right target/selector DIV so I just need to know which commands I have to use. I will include screenshots.

For better explanation of the commands:

  1. Open website
  2. Click on the text field
  3. Enter Value 5 into the text field
  4. Click out of the text field
  5. Click confirm button (not visible on screenshot)
    The step of checking if the value is “0” should be between step 1 and 2

I have json file read scv from 1 to 5 can you help me to let it to read to 25???

Without giving you the answer, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Use “store” to store the string “0.00”
  2. Use “storeAttribute” to store the highlighted element.
  3. Use “if_v2” to compare the two values. I’ll give you a hint: ${step1variable} == ${step2variable}
  4. Do the commands you need
  5. End if

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