Idea of UI.VISION development service

hi all, i have used different RPA tool recently, includes, ui path , winshuttle (sap related) and Microsoft flow. i feel has its unique advantage , and has good potential to be widely used in small and medium companies . some business cases includes: data loading to web based erp, data clean update based on offline data, regular web status check and notification, web based b2b connection, connection with sap and other mainframe systems…lots of usage…

personally, i have also usd to build a back-end engine, run hourly, to get my azure machine learning model updated based on latest market data being collected, and host on whole solution on cloud windows virtual machine. if i get a human team do it, it will take 4 full HC, ruing 24 by 5, and easily cost USD 120K annually.

i am thinking to get some resource and offer some based rpa development service.

please let me know your thoughts whether this service will have good potential and market demand.

and project opportunity i can have a try.


Yes, I think there is a good market for offering RPA development services for UIvision.

Sometimes we have also users here in the forum that ask for paid help for some RPA projects. You can contact them to get started. And/or maybe look on freelancer websites like Upwork.

Thanks. Let’s see the demand. I am also thinking to connect virtual machine, task scheduler with script together, to build an enterprise level , unattended, process automation solution, rather than a desktop automation tool.