I have a job I will pay for a UI vision professional to make a bot for me

Ive got a bot I need made, willing to pay aroud 1000usd
Are there any ui vision freelancers?

Ive created a freelancer ad.

Can you tell me more about your project ? :slight_smile:


Please send the details.

are you a freelancer? have you sold your ui vision skills before? can you show me any previous work?

Sorry, i won’t send any of my script if i don’t even know what’s your project. i’m using UI vision everyday since 2 years now and i already made a lot of bot.

I have created a video for you detailing what I need done.
Sorry its a bit of a slow video


sorry its a bit of a slow video,
here are the details


What time you are available?

Hello. Sorry for the late answer
Here my test : AwesomeScreenshot-11/5/2022,9:33:25AM

What do you think ? :slight_smile:

I think the trickiest part of your project will be the setup of the data more than the script.

DM me if you are interested in working with me.
Have a good day.

Cheers from Paris

Hi Shirlate, do you have freelancer.com account?
I will create this job for you to do :slight_smile:

Hello. Yes i have one (never used it to sell my service) but you can find me
as “Shirlate” :slight_smile:

thanks, i found your profile and invited you to the project :slight_smile: