How to upload multiple files from particular folder

My Target:
I have a folder containing n number of files in one folder in my local hard drive and now I want to upload it to one website.

My Question
Can anyone tell me how to upload multiple files in one folder, one after the other one?

You must use Xtype and open the complete path of the file to upload.

  1. For file upload in general see this post about automating file uploasd

  2. To upload multiple files in a loop:

(a) If you know the file names, you can read it e. g. from a CSV file with csvRead.

(b) If you don’t know the file names, you can use the command line interface and use a script to read the names, and use the cmd_var1=file1.txt switch to send the information to kantu.

Can you give an example of how this would work?