How to sync macros between browsers

I am currently diving into the free version Ui Vision. Does the pro version allow for synced macro + visual libraries, so that if I update a macro in one browser then it will update the macro in any browser I’m signed into with the Ui vision product key? This seems similar to “attended/unattended” automation on other platforms I’ve used. I’m trying to tell if updating to pro will give me this feature. Currently if I update a xModule command I have to export/backup that macro/visual library and upload it to another machine.

Yes, this can be done with PRO or Enterprise editions. They allow you to store macros and images directly on the hard drive.

You can use either version control like Githu or services like Dropbox or Google Drive to sync the test cases between machines. It works without issue.

From the docs:

When the hard-drive storage mode is active, you will notice the hard drive icon on every UI.Vision RPA Tab that read and writes information directly to the disk. In hard-drive mode csvRead and csvSave read and save directly to files, instead of using the browser local storage.

The hard drive storage option is great for team collaboration . It works with all source code control system e. g. Git (GitHub) or Perforce. This allows all team members to easily share and version control macros (test cases), images and CSV files.

And in harddrive mode you can have multiple instances of Chrome and Firefox share the same macros.