How to remove the orange image matches

Screenshot (380)

Anyone give me an idea how to get only “How” target and remove all other

I split your post from the other one, as it is a different question.

Now… for the answer: XClick automatically clicks the best match (highest confidence). So there is no need to remove the other lower confidence matches. There are only displayed for testing and debugging image matching issues.

If you want to reduce the number of orange boxes (just for display reasons) then increase the confidence threshold:

  • Either increase the default value in the settings

  • Or change it per XClick by adding @0.8 behind the image name: XClick | how.png@0.8 (if 0.8 is the new value. Then all orange boxes with a value below 0.8 disappear)

If I increase the confidence threshold, then is it not possible to get the exact target by Xclick?

Sir,have we no any control for the best match(highest confidence)??
If we have , tell me

Sir,when I edits in vision box and make how.png to how.png@0.8 then it is not edit.

Sorry, I am not sure I understand the new question?

Is this a feature that shows all potential matches the XModule is finding? How do I turn this feature on?