How to Program a Click on a Browser Extension Icon

I would like to automate this task but I don’t really know if it’s possible

Here’s the full scope of what this automation needs to do to work for me.

  1. select a line from the CSV file and go to the URL specified (got that step)
  2. Run a specific browser extension which opens a frame with a webpage analysis on it
  3. Search the frame for a specific text string ending in 0.00
    If the text string is present then click “next page”
    Repeat from Step 2.
    If the number at the end of the string is greater than 0.00 then save the URL
    Click “next page”
    Repeat from Step 2

This process repeats until “next page” is not available - at that point Repeat from Step 1, moving to the next line on the CSV file.

At the end of the task I will have a list of URLs that met the condition of the searched for text string ending in a number greater than 0.00.

I have never programmed anything before so I was using Kantu and taking it one step at a time. When I got to automating the click on the browser extension I couldn’t figure out how to do it. When using the record feature Kantu didn’t acknowledge the click on the browser extension icon.

Ui.Vision works by default inside the browser’s viewport (the website). For clicks outside of it, like on the extension icon, you can use swith to its Desktop Automation mode.

Update: See also How to Automate your Chrome Browser Extension App (Browser extension testing) - #2 by TechSupport

Thank you for that information.