How to pass arguments via macro bookmarklet?

How can I pass arguments to the macro using bookmarklet javascript?

Hi, what kind of information do you want to send to the RPA software? What would be the use case here?

I ask because the solution depends on what exactly you want to do.

I have server side php script which needs to run the macro at my local computer.

I have seen example of embedding the macro in html page but I want to use the macro stored at my computer.

Here is an idea for a workaround: You can use a very basic embedded macro with only the RUN command inside. And this RUN command can then start any local macro.

And if you need, you can add global variables like

  • store | Hello World | globalvar1
  • run | your_local_macro

to this basic embedded macro. This way you can pass additional values to the local macros.

Thank you. This workaround will work.