How to log in while during marco loop

I am filling a form and I need to be logged in the website, but it ask me to log in again during the loop process to continue many times . I need to make it macro log in in case the website ask for it during the macros process.

Thanks in advance

I have a macro with the same type scenario. I simply look for the "Log In’:

VerifyElementPresent | //*[text()='Log In']
if_v2 | ${!statusOK} == true
..log in code..

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I use an anternative solution I stored url page and if url is url before login I know login failed, if url is after login is internal url of site i know login successful

Example after login:

If url is (I detect login failed)
If url is (I detect login successful)

/profile or another internal page after login

Another solution can be storetitle I compare title of page before and after login and i detect if login successful or failed.

Thanks fo your reply,

I am totally new to UI,vision, would you please elaborate with an example how to apply the code provided.

Thank in advance

Sure, it’s Command | Target | Value
The example code is looking for “Log In” on the page. @newuserkantu also provided a good way by looking at the page title:

if_v2 | ${!URL} ==