How to finds links on a page and iterate through the list

I am using the kantu firefox plugin, and I want to find all links on a page with a specific class attribute then go to each link and grab the title from that page.

I am using:
“Command”: “storeAttribute”,
“Target”: “//div[@class=“happy-title”]/a@href”,
“Value”: “rowtext”
to store the link in a variable “rowtext”. I am not completely sure if this is the proper way to do this but it works. Now what I need is to find all links on the page that match class=“happy-title” and go to each page and extract the title from those pages.

Any help is appreciated.

I have tried: //div[@class=“happy-title”][1]/a@href, //div[@class=“happy-title”][2]/a@href, //div[@class=“happy-title”][3]/a@href, etc. but that did not work.

Looking to do the same, any ideas yet?