How to click on each dynamically-generated table entry?

I’m looking to scrape a table and its info within with Search Options = Mortgage Administrators, List All:

These are the steps I want to automate:

  1. click on each link on the left
  2. grab the data from that page
  3. return and click on the next link until the end of page
  4. click next at the end of page

I’m having trouble with step 1., as the numbers on that first column are random. They do follow a similar structure of “#####” - would it be possible to get UI Vision to track and click on each subsequent line that says that?

I’m also having problem with step 4. The pagination does not go from 10 > 11 directly, and I would have to click on “…” to get to 11. What should I do for that?
Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 7.57.28 PM

This work can be performed by ui vision but it takes a long time to build a suitable macro also because it has to scroll through the various pages so it is a long job to create a good macro that works well but with ui vision you can perform this job

I know it’s possible and that it’d have a long running time. I’m looking for solutions to the questions I asked above.

You want to save the data shown when you click on Licence id,is that the process you want ? if so, a preview of targeted page is needed.

What do you mean by preview? Looking to save this info:


An example of your website to test, if not possible you may copy the source html of the two images (first page search and click on Licence and the second page that shows data to be extracted)

Do you mean this? with Search Options = Mortgage Administrators, List All > Search

To detect elements close to other elements (even dynamic ones) you have to use the xpath axes that allow you to establish 2 parameters together to recognize the elements, so choose a fixed anchor and then recognize an element near the anchor.

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