How to avoid detection of using Kantu Chrome plugin?

Can websites detect me using Kantu Chrome plugin? If yes then what are the footprints that Kantu plugin leaves?

A website can detect that you use ui vision by checking that you are not moving the mouse but fill in the fields or even by the excessive speed that you use to perform the action.

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How can I fix the mouse using issue? (I am new to kantu, sry)

The solution is to use XClick, XMove and XType :slight_smile: - these commands work “outside” the web page and thus they are impossible to detect.

But as @newuserkantu said, keep the automation speed reasonable (human speed). Websites can see how many requests you send out, usually that is the main metric that lets the website know that something fishy is going on. If you send out too many requests in a short period of time your web automation/ web scraper will be detected and will most likely be blocked.

In addition, you can use use the SetPROXY command for proxy rotation. Rotating your IP address every other request the web scraper sends out thus making it look like you are connecting from different locations.