How the 25 xType / xClick commands free limit works?

Hi all and @admin
I created a macro with 6 (in total xtype and xclick) X commands
I saw that it didn’t work well so i looked at the log and saw there is a limit for the free usage of Kantu for 25 commands of this type
However i didn’t use 25 just 6 and the macro loops many times
Also i used test macros to capture the css elements and put it at the primary macro
What triggered this limit and how this works ?

I have the assumption that it counts all X commands from all stored in hdd macros and not the one in the current running macro OR it adds the commands with each loop, i don’t know but i can’t explain it and i tried for days to come to a solution that will work with a heavy duty javascript page. Let me know ASAP if you can. Thanks !!