How Can I extract the Color value from a field

Hello, I wanted to extract color value from some field, but I had no idea if this works or not,
I am new to Kantu, I have done some recording and playing with success but I am stuck on what I want to do,
there are some value in div area, some of them have text/ number value but some indicates color,
How can I extract the color value of that small area that arrow shows.
Here is picture,Search-Area
in this example one field shows an arrow points on Red area, and the other points to a green area, so I want to extract color value as hex or whatever.
appreciate your help.

Interesting project. Is the value available anywhere in the page source code? Or maybe in a Javascript variable? If so, that would be easy to do.

If you need to get the value from image itself, this can be done as well, but it requires the XModule Enterprise plan plus a small custom modification (which we can do free of charge for Enterprise users).

Thank you for your reply,
well on the source code there is no color code for that, but wehn I looked at source code I found something that solved my problem well almost,
that color rectangular is an image, but the arrow that appears has some number in its Span title, which is a percentage number, that number decides where in the are the arrow should be, and that is enough for me, for example in the yellow area it shows 50, and in most red area is 100 or 0, I just have to figure it out how extract the title value from span,
the title does not show on page,it is only on the code area,

any idea How to extract title from the source code of span?

Get color general solution:

Get number from span title

  • This is certainly possible. Did you try store Text yet? If you can post a link to the website I can give it a try.

Now available: visualGetPixelColor (x,y)