Help! Trying to store the (already selected) value of a dropdown

I am trying to figure out a way to read the current dropdown selection on a webpage.
For example - on this demo page if you wanted to see if the dropdown was either Unselected, “Yes”, or “Well, now I know :)”.

Any ideas? I’m stuck on this one.

Try this commands, i think you must use it

Hmmm…maybe but I’m doubtful that command will work as the doc says “… verify the checked status of targeted check box or radio button”. I’m looking at a dropdown on a webpage to see what has been selected.

You can try with search command in html code

Hi Tony - Thanks for your help but I have not been able to get your suggestions to work.

For my opinion is very hard and require more time.

sourcesearch with regex can do this but it an hard work and require time.