Have UI.Vision extension run in the background, without bringing chrome to the front?

I created a script that will take screenshots of a specific webpage every 10 minutes. I’m using the extension for chrome on mac, it works fine.

The problem is, every 10 minutes, when the script opens the webpage, chrome is brought to the front of my active windows. Is there anyway to prevent this?

You can use these command to solve

Hello, unfortunately this doesn’t work. It just constantly minimises and opens the browser window, even more annoying.

I just want chrome to do it’s thing in the background without every coming to focus in front and spoiling whatever I’m doing in another application.

if the problem depends on the web page ui vision cannot do anything as it may be the page itself that uses a script to stay on top, in this case there is no solution.

Hi, did you find a solution to this problem ?

I specify that I don’t use Google Chrome, but with ui vision for firefox you can use Xtype with the combination ${KEY_WIN+KEY_D} to minimize the browser