Green/pink box bug

Kantu keeps giving the error that it can’t find green/pink boxes but in the picture there clearly is. This seems to primarily happen when I export the script to a different computer along with the images. I’m using the editor that comes with Kantu so i’m not sure I why it’s giving me this error. Additionally while OCRextractrelative worked previously its now giving me an error that it can’t find it.

Can you attach the green/pink search image, along with a screenshot of dekstop or browser screen? Then we can test the search here.

Note: There is a known issue with green/pink box image searches for Windows HiDPI machines (e. g. some XPS or Surface Book).

I’m using MacOS so I’m not sure if its the same issue. Below is the picture. I think I figured out a solution and the problem. When you transfer macros to another computer and export the pictures from the original computer into the new one it doesn’t like that. The solution is to take the picture and set then up again, so you cant use the original pictures. It’s kind of annoying though.spf78l_dpi_192_relative