Get id from active field

Is it posible to get the id of a field?


This page uses a dynamic id. In this example is “:ca”



<div id=":ca" class="Am Al editable LW-avf tS-tW" hidefocus="true" aria-label="Cuerpo del mensaje" g_editable="true" role="textbox" aria-multiline="true" contenteditable="true" tabindex="1" style="direction: ltr; min-height: 290px;" itacorner="6,7:1,1,0,0" spellcheck="true">ANY TEXT IN HERE</div>

I know how to activate that field using ${KEY_ALT}.
Once I’m in the field I’m looking for the way to store the id


Can I ask why do you need to store the ID?

Yeah – sure.

The next step would be to call

      "Command": "type",
      "Target": "id=:ca",
      "Value": "Any text in here"

I have two ideas:

  • storeAttribute …@id
  • sourceExtract