Firefox 3.5.0 - Screenshots not appearing in Screenshots tab

Hi there,

I have a couples of macros that navigate to a page then use CaptureEntirePageScreenshot to take a screenshot.

These macros work in the chrome version, but in Firefox, they run, but nothing appears in the screenshot tab. I’m not getting any errors in the log, either:

Executing: | captureEntirePageScreenshot | 1_LandingPage_${!clipboard} | |

  • [info]

a new screenshot captured

  • [info]

Macro completed (Runtime 31.46s)

Can anyone advise?


I guess it is the same issue as with CSV files: Local Storage CSV files not shown on the CSV management tab

=> we are working on it

Workarounds: It seems “only” the display is affected. So exporting the screenshots with LocalStorageExport still works. Or you switch to hard drive storage mode.

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Brilliant! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

The issue is fixed with the V3.5.6 release now. This is a Firefox only release that fixes just the display issue.

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