Finding and clicking similar looking buttons

I’m trying to write a script that refreshed a page every x seconds and clicks several buttons once they appear. The buttons have a random ID (an ‘accept’ button) but all attached URLs have “/orders/” in them . Can someone point me in the right direction how to go about this?

Direction? Sure. Type “Dynamic” at search field right up corner on this page.

Thanks, that was a step in the right direction for me. I’m now using VisualVerify to locate the buttons and they’re recognized:

Of course, when I then use ‘click #efp’ the button with the pink selection is clicked. What I don’t quite get yet, is how I can click on the others, as well… Is there an index I should set somewhere ?

This is a very good question. Right now visualVerify does not support selecting an image by position in case of multiple matches (like you in example), but will support this very soon.

Once the feature is available, you will be able the select the image via position, very similar to what we already support for links.

A step might be, but the path is yet to come.
Ok, here is a shuttle for you