File type error in app but not on Postman

I’m trying to integrate te OCR API to my Vue.js web app, will use it to recognize images, i try the API POST on Postman and it works, i get the response, but calling it using axios from Vue.js with the same values i get an error.
exmple images attached.

Actually i will use local image, using flie instead of URL, but none of them seems to work from Vue, only from Postman.

The “url…” “false” part in your code seems wrong, or?


It’s just the way console truncates thje text, still having the problem

What is the exact error message that you get?

Unable to recognize the file type

Strange, I am not sure what is causing this. Here is some Javascript example, maybe this helps?

Also, Postman has a code export feature:

If you find out what is going wrong, I would be very interested to learn it.