Feature requests from a 1 year long user

Hy everyone,
i love Kantu for Chrome, it made me discover web automation.

I thank you for all the work you share for free, these are some top feature requests that always pop in my mind. I hope they’ll be useful!

Page UP and DOWN scroll in Table View
It would be wonderful to scroll the “code” like in any other text editor, scrolling with the mouse wheel is imprecise and time consuming. You can’t even click on a single row in Table view and scroll with keyboard arrows UP/DOWN, that would be very nice too.

Multiple rows select
Many times i would like to copy/paste or delete more than one row. That’ll would be a godsend!

Darker/more readable font
Sometimes you have to reduce font size in Table view and unfortunately the grayish font doesn’t help. On the other side, I’ve noticed that when the zoom is different from 100% VisualVerify doesn’t work, as if the image itself it’s stretched (?). Some kind of font customization would be priceless and for me it would increase readability and productivity.

Duplicate Macro selects the duplicate
Everytime i duplicate a macro, for some reason i expect it to be automatically selected. I’ve made this mistake countless times, perhaps it’s just me, but i intuitively expect the duplicate to act like a “save file as” and many times i realize i am still in the old named macro after some edits are made.

Hide left panel
Many times recalling a Macro and working on it are two different tasks. The left panel is always relatively resized, so it can’t be freely stretched to the need. It would be nice to be able to hide it completely (think of the Acrobat Reader left panel).

Completely fixed - non-changing Step/Play/Stop Macro buttons
I would like them to be completely fixed somehow, especially the Stop button. When Kantu’s window is resized the buttons appear and disappear and many times i’m not fast enought and i click the wrong button. I understand there must be some interface design principle behind it, , but on a less than gian monitor you always have to go and come back from the editor to the driven web page.

Thanks again for Kantu, it’s always improving in the latest months and i’m very glad to use it

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We 100% agree with your feedback. Thanks for writing it down!

FYI, the Kantu roadmap for Q1/Q2 2019 is as follows:

  • February: Desktop Automation

  • March: New Selenium IDE commands, and .SIDE file importer

  • Q2/2019: UI refresh

We plan to integrate most of your suggestions during the UI refresh releases in Q2.