[Feature Request] Permanent Highlighting

Hi There,

We are evaluating UI.Vision as an alternative to iMacros to be able to support modern browsers.
Now there’s one thing we cannot find which is highlighting. How can we highlight find and or clicked elements?


Ui vision is an excellent alternative of Imacros.

I used imacros for 10 years, from firefox quantum i switched to ui visioin and i can confirm that ui vision can do all automation there is not any site where ui vision can not automate.

All imacros command are present in ui vision and there are more others commands.

To highlighting an element in ui vision windows click “find” button and ui vision colored in green the element found in the page.

Thanks for your fast reply and for confirming UI.Vision is an excellent alternative :slight_smile:

Perhaps I wasn’t clear, we have no issue scripting and finding elements but are just looking for a way to permanent highlight elements. So also visible in the screenshots at the end of a macro (like with iMacros).

Something like this in js:
var elm=document.getElementById(“ELEMENTID”);elm.style.color=(“GREEN”);

But then in native UI.Vision not looking for executeScriptSandbox since it would require to re-find and find elements.

Thanks again…

I do not know any command for your request.

If you have the imacros code someone can try to convert for ui vision but i do not know any command to do your request.

Try to post the javascript you use to have a similar function in imacros, some imacros javascript can converted in ui vision executeScript_Sandbox.

iMacros does this by default when extracting text or clicking on an element.
For example the below would draw a green border around the google logo.
URL GOTO=https://www.google.com/

Internally they will do something like this:
document.getElementById(“ElementId”).style.border=‘3px solid #AAAAFF’;

An easy workaround would be to use .style.border=‘3px solid #AAAAFF’;
on the element selected by UIVision but have not found any examples for that.

Thanks again…

What about just using XClick and highlight as if you are using a mouse?

Ui vision colored in green the element clicked but after click next element remove the green mark in previous element.

You mean XClicking drawing the border myself with mouse?

Right and we want it to be permanent.

We did not look at the source code yet, were just wondering if it’s possible natively…


Try to open in feature request

Thanks your your replies…