Extraction from web page and saving in csv element not found suggestion



I wanted to give a hint, when you extract data from the Web pages with Kantu and you save in CSV if Kantu does not find an element skips the CSV column and does not save anything this creates a problem with the next use of CSV because they will macheranno data columns in the CSV.

I recommend setting it by default when Kantu does not find an item while extracting data from Web pages to save as well a given in the column to maintain correct CSV formatting and to avoid error "Number of columns is inconsistent on line # " that Does not allow you to use the CSV.

IMacros For example, when you extract data from Web pages and do not find a save item in the CSV #EANF (Element Anchor Not Found) to keep the CSV formatted correctly also so you recognize errors in extractions instead with Kantu do not recognize Why skip the column in CSV when extracting data fails.

I hope that this suggestion is taken into account because it is important and fundamental for those who use data extraction from Web pages with Kantu.


Short answer: I fully agree :slight_smile:

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Can you add this feature in new kantu update please ?


Yes, we will add this within a few weeks.

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Hi @admin

This feature was added in Kantu?

Because it’s very difficult perform extraction from webpage when kantu jump some colums of csv when there are not value to save.

It’s important this feature otherwise the csv have an incompatibile format to read.


The feature is available since V5.3.7:

storeText / storeValue / storeChecked / storeAttribute changed behavior:

Now, if the locator can not be found, no error is triggered but (only) a warning is logged and !statusOK is set to “false”. This is the same error behavior as all the Selenium verify... commands that we implemented.

In addition, the variable (in the value column) gets filled with the string #LNF which stands for “Locator not found”. This way the variable is defined even if the locator was not found.