executeScript_Sandbox errors V7.0.9

Hello Admin,
I use UI.Vision RPA XModules - Personal Edition since February.
Before the update my RPA was work but now it’s not work.

that’s my inactive code, actually its simple but ı cant fix it.

Could you help me the fix the problem ?
Best Regards.
“Command”: “executeScript_Sandbox”,
“Target”: “let minvar = “myvar1”\nlet minval = Number(${myvar1})\nif (minval<Number(${myvar2})){\n\tminvar = “myvar2”\n \tminval = Number(${myvar2})\n}\nif (minval<Number(${myvar3})){\n\tminvar = “myvar3”\n \tminval = Number(${myvar3})\n}\nif (minval<Number(${myvar4})){\n\tminvar = “myvar4”\n \tminval = Number(${myvar4})\n}\nif (minval<Number(${myvar5})){\n\tminvar = “myvar5”\n \tminval = Number(${myvar5})\n}\nif (minval<Number(${myvar6})){\n\tminvar = “myvar6”\n \tminval = Number(${myvar6})\n}\nif (minval<Number(${myvar7})){\n\tminvar = “myvar7”\n \tminval = Number(${myvar7})\n}\nif (minval<Number(${myvar8})){\n\tminvar = “myvar8”\n \tminval = Number(${myvar8})\n}\nif (minval<Number(${myvar9})){\n\tminvar = “myvar9”\n \tminval = Number(${myvar9})\n}\nif (minval<Number(${myvar10})){\n\tminvar = “myvar10”\n \tminval = Number(${myvar10})\n}\nreturn {“minvar”: minvar,“minval”: minval}”,
“Value”: “minobj”,
“Description”: “”

Please replace executeScript_Sandbox with executeScript, see here: Ui.Vision RPA Chrome extension: Migration from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3 - #27 by admin