!errorIgnore to catch ANY error?

I have a scheduled task .vbs which calls my macro in the background. I use !errorIgnore to handle errors that occur so that I can gracefully end ui.vision and my .vbs can keep running. Sometimes ui.vision will throw errors like No tab with id: xxx which are not caught with !errorIgnore.

Has anyone found a solution to catch any and all errors so ui.vision doesn’t just hang there in the background?


No tab with id: xxx open a javascript popup and stuck the browser.

Errorignore do not bypass this error

Try this solution: Occasionally getting "No tab with id:" error - #7 by trexem

Does this work for you? If not, do you have a test case? Does it happen when you run the macro from the command line?

This is a random error can not exist a test case.

Simple create a command line and run 500 times open and close of browser and sometimes you will see this error.

I recorder this and i see sometimes this error.

Thanks for the replies. I can run my vbs from the command line OK however every time I try to run the same .vbs from a scheduled task ui.Vision errors out and there is no log of what is going on. Is there any way for ui.vision to create a log while it runs a macro so I can see what is going on?

No tab with id: xxx is a critical error, when it is showed ui vision stop to work and not save any log, need to taskill browser and restart it again i have this error from 3 years and there is not definitive solution.

I used powershell to check browser opened and kill it before start another browser but is not the best solution.

I am facing the same issue last time. And still searching for some proper solution.

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