Error to load Macro using Command Line API

I got an Error: Failed to load c:\uivision\macros\SimpleRPA when I run SimpleRPA from PowerShell command line. Write-Host "Url="file:///C:/uivision/\uivision\macros\SimpleRPA&direct=1&closeRPA=1&closeBrowser=1&savelog=C:\uivision\logs\log_02-10-2022.txt

The same PowerShell command line script is working on other machines. If I load SimpleRPA macro without closing RPA, it works.

Please help.
thank you.

Hi, is this on Mac, Windows or Linux?

Also, is there something special about this machine? Is it maybe a slow machine?

It’s a windows. 2 core CPU and 4GB memory.

Can you post a video of the issue happening?