[error] timeout reached V 3.5.5

No matter how fast I try to go, What used to work in the old version is now delivering me this error since Kantu updated today. It didn’t do this prior to the update. I am on Chrome on A Mac and have done this procedure many hundreds of times for this process of entering Keywords into fields and it has worked seamlessly.

  • [error] timeout reached when looking for element ‘id=data-print-book-keywords-0’

How can I remove this from the macro so I don’t have to KEEP trying this over and over again.

Hi, do you have a test macro for us? (a macro that used to work, but fails in 3.5.5)?

With the 3.5.5 update we did not touch the replay engine, so such an error should not happen… but of course, something could still be wrong.