ERROR Panel ipc expired!

Hi, guys.

I’m having continiously this error, sometimes when I execute the macro via html via .bat.

[kantu]until: panel ipc expired!
Any ideas of the reason of this? any suggestions?
Thank you all very much!!

sometimes when I execute the macro via html via .bat.

Ouch, that should not happen. Some questions:

  • Can you please paste the exact command line you are using?
  • And how often does this happen? Always? Sometimes?
  • And is it with “just one” macro or every macro?

Of Course.

“C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\G65\chrome.exe” “file:///C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\G65\Macro.html?direct=1”

Nothing fancy. It happens in all of them (all have the same command, in several bats).

I have some bats with variations of that code, that triggers the html, and then several portable chromes open and start running the macros. I reboot the pc the erase cache and for other reasons, and when the pc starts, triggers the bats, > html> macros with chromes.
Thats when the error occur.

hello all,

I’m facing the same issue, but in my case, it only occurs when I try to run the macro at the first time after turn on/reboot the system. If I close the message and try to rerun the script again, it works, but if I need to reboot the system or turn off/turn on it, the first time always fail.

Any thoughts on how to solve it?

IPC issues are fixed with Kantu V3.1.6 :grinning: