Error on selecting newly opened tab

I have two tabs opened on my execution and another tab will be opened from the second tab by clicking on the link – so a total of 3 tabs.

The tab is successfully opened but I cannot seem to “work” on the newly opened tab.

I have the command selectWindow | tab=2 to select the newly opened tab but I am getting this error:
No tab with id: 173.

What are others way where I can select the newly opened tab?

The title of the third tab is dynamic hence I cannot select the title to select it.
Hope somebody can help!

You can solve using selectWindow | title=y

This recognize better the tab

Read here

I cannot use title because the title is dynamic.

Try to change the tab number when you open new tab the original number of tabs can change.

I regulary change tab without any problem

Thanks for the feedback!

What I just did is, before moving on to the another tab, I just renamed the tab I’m currently in so that I can return to it using the tab title. Same goes to the other tabs. I think this is less prone to error than moving on to different tabs via the tab number.

Thank you!