Error Logs vs Logs: inconsistent log creation

I am using .bat files with the windows scheduler to run macro’s when I am away. Historically they have only produced logs when an error occurs. After creating my most recent Macro, logs are generated every time I run the Macro from the .bat, even if there is no error. It does not generate a log when I run it directly from Ui.Vision. Prior .bat ran Macros continue to generate logs only on error.

Going forward I would like to be able to decide when to create logs, at all time or only on error.

The following is my new .bat file, which produces a log each time it runs, even with no error.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" "file:///T:/uivision/"

The following is an older .bat file, which only produces a log when it errors out.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" "file:///T:/uivision/ it's you.json"

Thanks in advance

Can you post the sample content of the log file?

If UI Vision starts it creates an entry like this:

2021-10-27T15:57:05.305Z - UI.Vision RPA started

At this point I seem to be unable to duplicate the error to generate a log file. I had ran the Macro 20 plus times with no errors and each time it output a log file. Today it is happy, runs the Macro with no error and does not produce a log file.

Here is a print screen of the log tab within the UI that resulted from running the Macro just now. If I get another log I will provide the example.