[error] IPC Promise has been Destroyed

I am receiving this error on Macro playback.

After using the record function I have noticed that clickAndWait command is recorded on various fields such as clicking in a text box or clicking on a link.

Upon playing the Macro each time a clickAndWait is reached it fails with error:

[error] IPC Promise has been Destroyed.

If I use the JSON source view to edit the JSON and change the clickAndWait to a click then run the Macro it works fine.

Anyone else experienced this? Is there a way around this apart from having to edit the JSON after recording?


using Kantu 3.0.2 - Firefox

Hi, can you share the website where this happens?

This seems to be a recording issue for this specific website. “clickAndWait” expects a new page to be loaded, and if this does not happen, the macro times out. This is why changing “clickAndWait” to “click” fixes the issue. => So the recording was wrong.

Kantu wrongly assumed it has to wait for a page load event and thus recorded clickAndWait, when just click would have been the right command here.

The second issue is the confusing error message. We will fix this soon.

Update: We need a test macro from you to recreate this issue. Because in our tests, all works as designed. If you use “ClickAndWait” instead of “Click” my mistake, you get this error message, which explains the problem and how to fix it:

[error] 'clickAndWait' failed. No page load event detected after 10 seconds. Try 'click' instead.

Hi, apologies for the delayed reply.
The issue was being experienced on internal developed electronic forms site and is not possible for you to browse that site.

The LIVE version of one of the forms is here (https://eforms.medway.gov.uk/ufs_live/ufsmain?formid=LE_BURNODOUR). If recording the first page you can see that clickAndWait and selectAndWait are recorded when these should just be ‘click’ and ‘select’.

I haven’t yet seen the [error] ‘clickAndWait’ failed. No page load event detected after 10 seconds. Try ‘click’ instead.

Having said all this now I am now unable to recreate the [error] IPC Promise has been Destroyed.

Very strange!? Not sure why. I will run some more tests today.
Thank you

Have you resolved this?
I am experiencing similar issue.
Everything used to work smoothly up until now. Starting from today everytime the script goes to another webiste (i.e. click on the link to go somewhere else) I have this errorr: IPC Promise has been Destroyed.

I have no cluse what is wrong. Everything used to work until today, the website did not changed, I have checked all the targets and they are the same. If I will click ;execute from here; the script runs to the moment where it needs to go somwhere else and then stop with the IPC error.

It is super confusing and irritating, especially because it used to work flawlessy for the past few weeks.

If anyone know the solution I will be grateful.

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@takwej Does the same issue happen with the demo macros or, for example, when recording a macro on https://a9t9.com ? Or does it “only” happen with your macros?

I’m experiencing the same issue with a macro that was working fine and suddenly over night it gives me this error message.

-First Edit-

–> [SOLUTION] I restarted my computer and it was working fine again. Now I am having the same issue again and will try another restart. I opened firefox and windows explorer and also did some editing in the json source.

For Kantu I only use Google Chrome.

-Second Edit-

[SOLUTION] Restart Your Computer !

I can’t work out what causes this problem but a simply restart fixes it. I restart, open google chrome, open Kantu, run the macro and all works fine again…


I can confirm that restarting the pc helps, even restarting the browser can help as well.

I am using two different accounts in chrome - one for work and one private, I have noticed that it is more likely for Kantu to crash and display the IPC error if two accounts are running at the same time. From my current experience with the software I can tell that less tabs/windows opened the better.

I can also suggest making your script accessible via bookmark in chrome, I believe this way Kantu should know exactly on which tab it needs to work on.

I dont accept restarting as a solution, since it ruins the work flow. Guys, if you think that you know what is causing this error and how to eliminate it permanently, please share. It is not common to encounter this, but when the error is displayed the program simply does not work, and the restart is needed.

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only with my macros.

I have the same problem. I thought it was due to being at the end of an “if” statement, though that may be coincidental.

Executing: | verifyTitle | Axis Login | |
Executing: | if | ${!LastCommandOK} | |
Executing: | type | name=UserName | alex.russell@XXXXXXX.com |
Executing: | type | name=Password | XXXXX |
Executing: | clickAndWait | /html/body/div[1]/div[2]/form/div[4]/input | |
IPC Promise has been Destroyed.

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i am able to reproduce this when recording a macro on hxxps://a9t9.com :
JSON source view:
“CreationDate”: “2018-7-1”,
“Commands”: [
“Command”: “open”,
“Target”: “https://a9t9.com/”,
“Value”: “”
“Command”: “clickAndWait”,
“Target”: “link=Web Testing@POS=2”,
“Value”: “”

Playing macro Untitled
Executing: | open | https://a9t9.com/ | |
Executing: | clickAndWait | link=Web Testing@POS=2 | |
IPC Promise has been Destroyed.
Macro failed (Runtime 2.79s)


I hope this helps, I am experiencing this problem on a clickAndWait each time I try to run a macro which has just been imported (json file). If I close and reopen Kantu, the macro works fine.

So, from my experience, I just had to restart the Kantu plugin to solve this problem (I’m using firefox)

A beta version that should fix most of the IPC issues is available at

Please let us know if this version works for you. Some IPC issues might be still there in this version, if you encounter them, let us know here in the forum. (We are working on any remaining IPC issues right now… so your feedback is very welcome).

IPC issues are fixed with Kantu V3.1.6 :grinning:

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