Hi everyone

I’m having a problem with my Kantu up 5.0.1 version

Command: Open
Target : https://www.example.com/xyz/${!COL1}
Error: open’ failed. No page load event detected after 10 seconds.

my solution
Using selectWindow and open page in new tab <- this works !!!

Using pause or waitForPageToLoad after command open does not work!!!

“!errorIgnore” = false <- It also doesn’t work

Error does not always occur !!!


Please try again with V5.0.3, as this version fixes an issue with the OPEN command. Please let me know if this solves the problem for you.


At the moment I have 5.0.3 version. BUG still exist :frowning:
Browswer newest Chrome 75.0.3770.80 I checked two machines win10 32bit and 64bit. Doesn’t difference.

Error does not always occur

It’s better when:
-close another tab
-reload browser
but its only my speculations.

Works only when i open site in new tab (Kantu command <- selectWindow)


Do you have a test macro for me? Ideally also a screencast that shows this error.



Kantu console

And browser console


I have 3 tabs witch the same subdomain or I started macro in this same domain. And not working!!!

But i start kantu another domain, then everything is ok.

I rewrite my macros to using new command while_2 and executeScritpt <- not changes


Maybe selectWindow will help you for a while?


but the error still exists
I keep my fingers crossed by ui.vision development team