Difference between fresh installation of ui vision and old ui vision updated latest version


I wanted to ask if there are any differences between installing the latest version of ui vision and installing an old version of ui vision and then updating it to the latest version.

I would like to know if speed and occupied space in hard disk changes something between the 2 modes.

I noticed that old firefox updated latest version requires more space in the hard disk and becomes slower so firefox becomes more performing if the latest version reinstalled and not using an old version of firefox updating it to the latest version.

Old Firefox after updates requires more and more hard disk space while firefox latest version installed new takes up less space and is faster than an old updated firefox.

I wanted to know if the same thing happens in ui vision.


There is no size and speed difference between a fresh install and an upgrade.

But a fresh install means that all existing settings and macro are deleted. So if you have many unused “left over” macros, this can help to save disk space and thus makes the RPA software run a bit faster.

A fresh install is also a good way to reset all settings to default.

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