Diacritics - last character - trimmed (removed)

When I am typing inside INPUT and last character is diacritic character,
after submitting the form, this last (diacritic) character is trimmed (removed).
When it is form (function) which is saving the data to DATABASE, there it is also trimmed.

Typically it is about these characters: ěščřžýáíéůúďňťó
may be other “special” characters.

Possible workaround to put “space” at the end of INPUT field value is not working.

Here are examples of input strings where is trimmed last (diacritic) character:
… realizace jiných projektů
… integrovaných systémů
… obchodního tajemství
… před zahájením testování
… kompetencí ve smlouvě
… v době realizace zastaralá
… nekvalitní nebo nesprávné

Can you take a look on this and fix it, please?

Thank you

Hi, all works fine in my test:

If it fails for you, can you please paste a test macro here?

in Your case there is no submitting the data. When I type the string with diacritics at the end I also see it correct. The last diacritic character is missing after submitting.
I was trying to simulate it but without success - the last diacritic character is still there (please see attached file: Diacritics_Last_character_trimmed-1.json

Our application is written with Angular and there the last diacritics character is trimmed (after submitting the form). 

Please, can You advice me, how to solve this? 

Thank You
Diacritics_Last_character_trimmed-1.json (1.0 KB)