Custom format export

Hello ! I discovered this amazing app today, I’m really loving it. I work in a company where we have a special selenium format and I’d love to use this to record our test scenarios.

Problem is, I don’t really understand where to look on the source code of this plugin. I would like to do something simillar as your “Source Viexw (JSON)” but with our format, wich it is basically xml. Could you point me in the right direction ? I’m a programmer but I’m new in this plugin developpement world.

Thanks !

Just to clarify: Do you want to modify/customize the Kantu source code?

Yes, because I didn’t find any other way to add my custom format export, unless is there another way to do this ?

As you correctly assumed, changing the format displayed on the source code tab requires you to modify the source code directly.

Or, as another option, you could use the default JSON source code export (= default Kantu macro format) and then write a tool that converts the JSON format to your custom XML format. The advantage of this approach is that you do not need to modify Kantu itself.

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Yes I was thinking about using the JSON export option, I’ll try to see what the best solution would be for our needs, thanks a lot for the help !