csvRead slowing down

I wrote a macro that uses csvRead. However, it seems as if csvRead is progressively getting slower as my macro continues to run, to the point where it takes over a minute for ever csvRead call at this point. Is there any way to fix this? I did also clear my logs, and set my logs so that they only log errors.

Hi this is a known problem in kantu, unfortunately it is very slow and as it works it gets slower and slower, you can improve by deactivating the logs from the Kantu window.

it takes over a minute for ever csvRead call at this point

It is true that UI.Vision gets a little bit slower for larger CSV files - but it should never get so slow! => How large is your CSV file? Can you attach it to this post, then I can test it here.

The file is around 1.5 mb and has 1800 rows, with ~150 columns

Can you send me the file? Email is team AT ui.vision

I had the same problem. Reading links from csv and saving csv with data I extracted from a website.
I use Firefox. In the task Manager I saw some Firefox processes. One of them had a memory use of 1200MB.
First thing I tried was to disable the hook at recommended performance settings an set processes to 1.
Was not working.
So I set it back to use 8 Processes and then set the hook back to recommended performance settings.
I also disabled some addons in a exclusion process looking at the memory usage via task manager at the same time. Now running “cookie autodelete”, “facebook container”, “Lastpass”, “Session Sync”, “UBlockOrigin”, “Kantu”.
And now it works, the makro dont slowdown anymore. My csv file is more then 5 mb and filling makro as same speed as in the beginning.

There is also a tool called “Firemin” wich helps to free firefox memory usage.

Maybe some of that will help you or give inspiration.