Cross site OCR using api

will your api modify a pdf at a given url if cross-site
scripting is enabled? I got a message about it when testing a few files
with your online OCR, so was wondering if that capability exists.

Can you please post a screenshot to clarify this question? I am currently not sure I understand :wink:

When you pass the api the url, it’s a remote file. The api reads the remote file and, in my case, creates a pdf with the text layer embedded. I then have to fetch the remote file and write it to my server replacing the original. I’m asking if the api, if given proper access, can write the new pdf to my server? Or ideally, replace the pdf on my server with the new pdf that includes the text layer.

Ok, understood. That is not possible. The OCR API creates the searchable PDF and returns the download link. Then you/your code/your script must do the download.

The created Sandwich PDF is deleted on our server after 60 minutes.