Creating .side files from another app

Hi All, I use Chromes “Selenium IDE version 3.17.2”, and I was wondering if its possible for me to create a “.side” file from a separate app?
I need to write a program for work that creates these test scenarios, but rather than recording individual tasks, I need to create a .side file that can run and complete that test sequence.
Is it possible?

Hi, this forum is for the UI Vision (UIV) Selenium IDE, not the default Selenium IDE.

In UIV you can not create .side files, but it can import .side files:

Import Selenium IDE 3.17.2 .side files to UIV

PS: I afaik the original Selenium IDE 3.17.2 browser extension is “end of life” (EOL) and no longer receives updates :grimacing:. Instead, the Selenium teams plans to create a regular app called Selenium IDE v4. Many are complaining about this in their Github forum.