Crashing After Returning to Root Run Macro


The root cause of this intermittent bug is evading me. I am executing from a more-or-less standard python play_and_wait function that is demo’d here: RPA/ at 073926224ecd79f0382a95ebcab31c2edc8d23c7 · A9T9/RPA · GitHub

timeout_seconds = 600

From log*.txt
A clean run:
2022-10-13T18:21:50.366Z - UI.Vision RPA started
2022-10-13T18:21:55.238Z - [status] Playing macro Start

2022-10-13T18:21:57.164Z - [status] Running ‘login’, called by ‘Start’
2022-10-13T18:21:57.273Z - [status] Playing macro login

2022-10-13T18:23:03.947Z - [status] Finished running ‘login’, returning to ‘Start’
2022-10-13T18:23:04.214Z - [status] Playing macro Start
2022-10-13T18:23:04.249Z - [info] Executing: | gotoLabel | endMacro | |
2022-10-13T18:23:04.271Z - [info] Executing: | label | endMacro | |
2022-10-13T18:23:04.506Z - [info] Macro completed (Runtime 69.06s)

Intermittent Problem:

2022-10-13T12:53:11.363Z - [status] Finished running ‘loginHCHB’, returning to ‘Start’
2022-10-13T12:53:11.534Z - [status] Playing macro Start

UI.Vision closes.

The crash always happens when returning to the Start macro.
Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

Running on Firefox 91.13.0. RPA 6.2.6

I was not able to track down the root cause to the problem nor have I found a method to replicate other than pure chance.

The common thread is that the crashing/stoppage occurs once all the sub macros have completed and returning back to ‘Start’

The simplest work-a-round is to use localStorageExport to generate a csv wtih the Status message of what would have been at the top of the logfile as a sub macro routine. Some re-work required for the uses of throwError but still better than nothing.

In case any mods see this - Is there any reason why Chrome is getting all the updates vs Firefox? Should I work on pivoting to Chrome for future proofing?