Copy Image from url and Paste into Whatsapp Web

Hi All,

I have a problem when paste an image. I have tried using Standard !clipboard , it cannot store image.

and also using xclick that using ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_V} but image from my clipboard still cannot attached to the chat, ( This one image already copied )

any suggestion for copy and pasting image?

what i can do right click image,-> copy, open whatsapp tab, ctrl + v / right click-> paste ( normal way )


Did you use

  • XClick | locator of Whatsapp chat box (xpath or image or OCR text)
  • XType | ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_V}

I am 100% confident that this should work.

Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for response… after some research finally i can perform this task…

Thanks all

Hello, I’m with the same problem you was… how did you do to solution it? I still can’t focus the desired place with “locator” do I miss something?

Thanks in advance!